Something Big Is Happening!

We are down to the final 6 days to invest in the Powur Equity crowdfunding campaign. This could be your last chance to own equity in Powur before we intend to file for an IPO in the coming years. The time to act is now!

If you haven’t heard the exciting news, here are 5 reasons why I think you would be insane not to own equity in Powur while it’s still a private company. 

1. Powur was just recognized by Inc. Magazine as the #61 fastest-growing company in America, out of 32.5 million, yes million, private businesses. 

2. The campaign has been a smashing success, with over $8M raised so far. We fully believe this round will be oversubscribed, and some investors may not make it in. 

3. Powur grew 5,890% in the last 3 years, and the solar industry is estimated to go from 3% adoption in America today to 13% by 2030. These are conservative numbers with significant upside potential. 

4. New incentives are expected to pass in the house bill by year-end which could extend the solar investment tax credit until 2029. 

5. We believe the timing to own equity in Powur could not be better as we are still a private company, with serious ambitions to grow and enter the public markets within the next few years.  

The bottom line, owning equity in Powur is an extremely rare opportunity. Timing like this does not come around often, with massive growth ahead for the solar industry, and a proven, differentiated, hyper-growth company making massive waves in that space…

… this is your chance to join the ranks of Powur shareholders and own your piece of the future of sustainable energy. Join us on our mission to accelerate solar adoption worldwide! 

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